Video Streaming Challenges

Looking for a live girl online? The media business continues evolving, particularly lately. There has been an inordinate number of streaming video announcements recently, coinciding with the launch of the yearly new broadcast season.
An already crowded streaming video landscape will become even more congested and will present more competition with conventional television.

Over the past few months the following initiatives were either announced or reported:
Fresh off its $85 billion purchase of Time Warner, AT&T unveiled plans to launch a streaming video service designed to compete with Netflix and the previously announced Disney initiative (whose title was recently declared as Disney +). WarnerMedia has one of the largest film and television libraries in the industry and will access content from HBO, Turner and Warner Bros.. AT&T is also reportedly in content talks with Comcast the owner of Universal Studios for their streaming services. The video service (along with Disney’s) is scheduled for a 2019 launch.

The media conglomerate recently launched MTV Studios to create online video content Hollywood executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman announced the recently renamed Quibi (formerly NewTV), and struck agreements with four prominent movie producers. It’s reported Quibi (for fast bits) has received almost $1 billion in funding from Disney, Fox, NBCU and Alibaba.

Retail giant Walmart is ramping up its video offerings on Vudu. Walmart announced a partnership with MGM to create original and family-friendly content. The first programming is expected to launch in early 2019.

Apple has plans to offer original television shows and movies at no charge to Apple device owners. Apple owners will have a pre-installed TV program in devices that will incorporate both Apple-owned free content and a subscription service from other providers. It is reported Apple will invest $1 billion in content and has agreements with several production companies. The service is expected to start in early 2019 in the U.S., and 100+ international markets later in the year.

Snapchat has launched Snap Originals, reportedly a dozen original and serialized programs of different genres from notable producers made solely for the Snap app. Each episode will last about five minutes and will be designed for mobile devices.

These companies are all expected to compete with existing a la carte networks, vMVPD (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor) services and SVOD (Subscription Video-on-Demand) providers led by Netflix. EMarketer forecasts that in 2018 streaming video will reach $27.8 billion in advertising volume, +30% from 2017, while tv ad volume is projected to remain relatively flat.

Six out of ten people in France believe Diana, The Princess of Wales, was murdered.

A survey site with site de rencontre celibataire reports that almost six out of ten self-professed “yellow vests” in France believe that Diana, Princess of Wales, was assassinated, according to a new study suggesting the movement is steeped in conspiracy theories.

The Murder of Princess Diana

The astonishingly high figure among yellow vests was part of a study looking at ten conspiracy theories widely circulated on social media since the start of the movement in mid-November. It found that 40 per cent of ”gilets jaunes” believed in at least half of the theories. In most cases, they were more than twice as likely to believe a theory than the national average.

By comparison, some 34 per cent of the general population said they believe that Diana’s death in a car accident under Paris’ pont de l’Alma in August 1997 was a “masked murder”, according to the Ifop study. That tallies roughly with a 2013 YouGov poll in the UK, which put the figure at 38 per cent.

The poll also reveals that almost a quarter of “gilets jaunes” are convinced that a terror attack on a Christmas market in Strasbourg was a diversionary tact by the government to spoil their latest round of protests. Isil claimed responsibility for the attack and police found documents suggesting the gunman, Cherif Chekatt, was sympathiser of the Islamist group. Only 10 per cent of the rest of the French population share the yellow vests’ view.

The Ifop study was conducted for the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, a think tank, and Conspiracy Watch.

t found that an inordinate number of yellow vests – some 59 per cent, compared to 37 of French in general – said they got their information from online videos and social media rather than “official” news outlets. Many protesters are virulently anti-mainstream media and several journalists have been attacked.

“These channels (social media) are massively used by the younger generations and the popular classes (to which many yellow vest sympathisers belong),” said Ifop’s Jérôme Fourquet.

“Over time…a veritable counter-culture and alternative vision of the world has built-up in parallel to a mainstream reading.

“While this reading remains dominant in the major media and among the most educated, settled and older population, whole planks of society no longer believe in it and have flipped into cultural and ideological dissidence,” he said.

The yellow vest movement sprung up on social media in response to new tax hikes on petrol and diesel and snowballed into a national revolt in mainly provincial France against high taxes, the cost of living and the perceived elitism of the Macron presidency.

But in findings that appear to counter previous claims that the movement is entirely social and economic and nothing to do with immigration, half (46 per cent) the gilet jaunes interviewed told Ifop they adhere to the far-Right theory of “great replacement”; in other words they believe immigration is deliberately being orchestrated by “political, intellectual and media elites in order to replace the European population by an immigrant population”. A fifth of the general population share this view by comparison.

Some 29 per cent of yellow vests also said they were convinced that passenger airlines dropped “chemtrails” as part of a shadowy global plot to control populations, compared to 15 per cent of the general population.

A whopping 62 per cent of yellow vests also believe that the “health ministry is in league with the pharmaceutical industry to hide from the public the reality about the harmful nature of vaccines”.

In another troubling finding, some 44 per cent of gilets jaunes said they believed that there was a “planetary Zionist plot” to rule the world – twice the national average. The figure comes after protesters last Saturday daubed the words “Juden” (Jew in German) on a bagel shop in Paris’ Jewish quarter.

That prompted outrage from famous French cartoonist Johann Sfar, who denounced mushrooming anti-Semitism within the yellow vest movement. “Social guilt (over the yellow vest revolt) is so high among our TV channels and commentators that any sensible reaction to such outrages is seen as supporting the Macron government,” he wrote on Facebook.

Several prominent yellow vest figures openly adhere to a string of conspiracy theories.

Jacline Mouraud, one of the movement’s initiators, has mentioned chemtrails on Facebook.

Maxime Nicolle, a controversial Facebook figure who goes by the name of Fly Rider online, has openly questioned the official version of the Strasbourg attack, asking: “Do you really think that a guy who wanted to carry out a terror attack would wait until there were three people in the street at 8pm?”

Eric Drouet, a trucker who was among the early yellow vest organisers, has shared videos spreading fake news that President Macron had signed a treaty placing France under UN control and thus opening the flood-gates to unbridled migration from Africa.

Some of the theories, notably the one on the “UN migration pact” have been relayed by the far-Right.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally also lent weight to erroneous claims that the historic eastern French regions of Alsace and Lorraine are to be secretly handed back to Germany. She claimed an innocuous Franco-German treaty signed last month was an “act of treason” which will “place Alsace” under German “guardianship” and offer Berlin a share in France’s nuclear deterrent and permanent seat on the UN security council. None of the claims are true.

According to a recent poll, 42 percent of ‘gilets jaunes’ voted for Ms Le Pen in the first round of the last election.

“We can debate about everything,” Mr Macron said in his New Year’s message. “But debating falsehoods can lead us to ruin.”

His government passed a law last November to tackle fake news during electoral periods, which is backed by 81 per cent of French, according to one poll.

Chat with congressman elect Tom Malin

Chat Erotica Gratis with a new congressman? Not exactly..

It’s quite different to be elected. It’s kind of awe-inspiring, actually: One of our first orientation trips, we got a tour of the Capitol at night and they took us onto the House floor. I’ve been to these places before, but as a staffer or visitor. To be one of those people who are sent there in a democratic way, it hit me at that point. So I feel a great sense of satisfaction, but a sense of weight and duty, and we have some weighty things coming.

We’re not going to get anything done if we can’t get a little more democracy into our democracy. But I also know HR-1 won’t pass as a single package. There are single provisions that I won’t allow through over his dead body, but other things can get through. And whatever they block, it becomes the best example in our argument to the American people in 2020.

On #CongressFoundationDay let us celebrate & acknowledge the selfless service & contributions of millions of Congress workers, men & women, who have helped build & sustain the Congress party over the ages. We owe these unsung heroes our gratitude & respect.

I salute them all.— Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) December 28, 2018

The ideas proposed by Josh and the group were good suggestions. The net effect could be to create more avenues for bipartisanship, and return the House to regular order. I’m confident that can happen, which is different from ‘It will happen.’ But it’s a good signal from Democrats – a strong sentiment that we need to be the party of integrity, the party that believes in due process in the Congress, and that will be good for the country and for us.