Chat with congressman elect Tom Malin

Chat Erotica Gratis with a new congressman? Not exactly..

It’s quite different to be elected. It’s kind of awe-inspiring, actually: One of our first orientation trips, we got a tour of the Capitol at night and they took us onto the House floor. I’ve been to these places before, but as a staffer or visitor. To be one of those people who are sent there in a democratic way, it hit me at that point. So I feel a great sense of satisfaction, but a sense of weight and duty, and we have some weighty things coming.

We’re not going to get anything done if we can’t get a little more democracy into our democracy. But I also know HR-1 won’t pass as a single package. There are single provisions that I won’t allow through over his dead body, but other things can get through. And whatever they block, it becomes the best example in our argument to the American people in 2020.

On #CongressFoundationDay let us celebrate & acknowledge the selfless service & contributions of millions of Congress workers, men & women, who have helped build & sustain the Congress party over the ages. We owe these unsung heroes our gratitude & respect.

I salute them all.— Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) December 28, 2018

The ideas proposed by Josh and the group were good suggestions. The net effect could be to create more avenues for bipartisanship, and return the House to regular order. I’m confident that can happen, which is different from ‘It will happen.’ But it’s a good signal from Democrats – a strong sentiment that we need to be the party of integrity, the party that believes in due process in the Congress, and that will be good for the country and for us.